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In your own words, can you explain to me what you do within the field of Naturopathic Medicine?

I like to provide a blend of modern natural medicine and traditional, vitalistic naturopathy to my patients. I firmly believe that by looking at the whole person’s health (biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually), we can identify barriers to health and address root causes of a patient’s symptoms. With that, I enjoy using a variety of naturopathic modalities in my practice to treat patients, such as therapeutic nutrition, botanical medicine, energetic medicines, IV therapy, platelet-rich plasma, and hormone therapy, just to name a few.

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What fuels your passion to work in Naturopathic Medicine?

It brings me much joy when a patient leaves awakened. By awakened, I mean that they leave my office feeling inspired to live naturopathically so that they are able to optimize all levels of their health. I feel like I am providing them with the tools and professional guidance on how to heal themselves. It is ultimately up to them to really take those steps to reach their health goals. At the end of the day, we are all in the pursuit of happiness and that health and happiness is ultimately determinant upon whether you’re actually present in a moment or not with friends, family, and loved ones. Basically, when we feel healthy and well, we are able to experience the now with them and not miss out on something that could be valuable.


Everyone’s nutritional status is unique and based off of their digestive health, diet, ect., how do you see this manifest on an individual scale and a global health scale?

On an individual scale, nutritional deficiencies will manifest differently from person to person - with some showing mood issues and others showing dermatological symptoms. So, paring down what the root causes are for each person is vital in understanding what is going on in their health picture.

From a global health scale, the quality of our food is definitely dwindling. We are growing our food in ways that reduce their nutritional content. There is a great book called Eating on the Wild Side that gives many examples on how modern agriculture has reduced how nutritious our fruits and vegetables are today. This book illustrates how most of our foods have been grown to be sweeter and how most of our foods aren’t picked at their most-nutritious states, so that they can be shipped easier. I believe that perpetuating the desire for sweeter foods and picking unripe produce has definitely added to the rise in metabolic conditions seen today. At the end of the day, the foundation of our health is determinant upon the foods that we eat. And, it’s up to us to choose the most nutritious foods we can get to help prevent diseases and conditions.

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What is your favourite skin care routine? And what would you say is important in promoting skin health?

My favorite oral skin care routine right now is having milk thistle everyday to heal the skin inside-out and my favorite topical skin care ritual right now is to do a double cleanse with coconut oil to help eliminate fat-soluble impurities without drying up my skin.

The most important thing in promoting skin health is making sure you have the right nutritional foundation. Studies show that having a diet high in fruits and vegetables is associated with better skin health. Research also indicates how minerals and vitamins can help protect the skin from pollutant-induced and UV-caused free radical damage. If there is an absorption issue, I recommend to my patients to get IV therapy infusions to help replete their bodies of vital minerals and vitamins to help both skin health and overall health.

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I see that you have been organizing the #LiveNaturopathically Livecast, can you tell me more?

The #LiveNaturopathically Livecast is a monthly Instagram Live broadcast where a guest natural health professional and I talk about various topics in natural medicine. Topics differ from month to month, we have some naturopathic doctors talking about gut health, one talking about naturopathic detox, and another talking about vitalistic approaches to heal the body. I also want the livecast to be very casual and approachable, with it feeling like a forum where viewers can ask questions during the whole livecast. At the end of the day, I hope that this project promotes the idea of what it means to “live naturopathically”, and hopefully inspire people to take on at least one naturopathic tip to help improve their health and wellness - especially to those in parts of the world who do not have access to naturopathic medicine. Ultimately, we all deserve safe, natural, and effective healing and this project brings that to people around the world.

People can tune into the livecast on my instagram account @dr.bryant, and livecasts happen every third weekend of the month. For more information on the livecast and a full list of the guest speakers and their topics, please click here


When working closely with patients to promote their health, what have you learned from them?

I have learned that each health experience is real and different for every patient. Sure, physical manifestations may look the same, but the actual feeling each person has can make or break healing. Understanding the psychological aspect of a person’s health is so vital in treating a patient and helps identify some barriers to healing easier.


Is there something that you would like to share with our readers?

I believe that we all deserve many things in life, one of them being access to safe, natural health care. With the state of licensure across the United States, some states allow naturopathic doctors and physicians to be licensed. State licensure is important since it allows qualified naturopathic doctors and physicians to practice our medicine safely. There are many people who are practicing as naturopaths without having gone through actual naturopathic medical school, and could possibly be causing more harm than benefit. We need state regulation to make sure that you are provided with safe, legitimate naturopathic care. With that, if you would like access to naturopathic medicine but are living in an unlicensed state (for more info click here), please contact your government official about this and voice your opinion!

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