Dr. Lana Butner, ND, LAc


What originally sparked your interest to pursue a Naturopathic medical career?

Growing up as a dancer, I was always interested in exercise and clean eating, but it wasn’t until 2011 that I realized I could combine nutrition, fitness and a generally healthy lifestyle with science as a medical degree! So it seemed like a natural progression for me.


What does your practice look like?

I work out of a boutique wellness studio in Lower Manhattan. There are personal trainers, massage therapists, yoga instructors and myself as the naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist.

We work together as a team (with HIPPA compliant open communication) to optimize each individual’s wellness journey, from diet, supplementation, and monitored detox programs to intricate training schedules and recovery methods both in and out of the studio.

I see patients in office, over the phone if they are out of state or cannot make it across town that day, as well as house calls (for vetted patients only, obviously!)


What drives your passion to work in the field of Medicine?

My own health issues. I have always had a sensitive stomach, so gastrointestinal health and individualized dietary needs are a big focus for me. I also geek out to endocrinology, because so many symptoms are rooted in imbalanced hormones, be those sex hormones, cortisol or neurotransmitters!


When working so closely with patients to achieve optimal health, what have you learned from your patients?

People will only get better if they want to. You cannot get wrapped up in being frustrated with your patients if they are not willing to put in the effort themselves. Know you are doing your due diligence and that people will only change in their own time.



Is there something you do to supplement your career outside of your practice?

Currently, no. I have a few things in the works which I am super excited about, but for now, it is all word of mouth. And in our profession, there are too many ebbs and flows to feel completely stable with only seeing patients.


Where do you see the future of medicine as a whole?

My dreams as someone who has both a medical as well as an exercise science degree, I would love to see the integration of medical and fitness professionals throughout the states. Working in an unlicensed state has really highlighted the disparity between all of the health-related professions. Physicians, dietitians, personal trainers, pilates instructors, yoga teachers and meditation gurus should all be in cahoots with one another. To see the distance and disconnect of these professions is very frustrating at times.


Is there something that you would like to share with our readers?

Med school is a bitch, plain and simple.

But if you have it in you to work for yourself once you are out, then it is the most liberating and self-empowering sensation.

Hustle hard, wake up early, schedule your time (both business and personal),  network daily and do not put off anything for tomorrow that can be done today.


To learn more about Dr. Lana's practice, you can check out her website or follow her instagram account @drlanawellness. All the photos used in this blog were taken from Dr. Lana's instagram account! 


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